Master bedroom design


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Interior Design








Mr. Mansour Elfalah

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El Dammam, KSA

The design of this room focused on achieving maximum comfort for the client, in a simple yet cozy way. The space was divided into four key areas – the bedroom bathroom, dressing room and a small coffee corner. The choice of materials and colors plays a big role in creating a comfortable environment. Warm materials like wood were used for the flooring and some furniture to give a snug feeling.

 The walls are painted in light, tranquil colors like white and beige to make the space seem airy and spacious. All the furniture and decor items were selected keeping quality, comfort and timelessness in mind. Lighting helps set the mood in any room, so a diverse lighting system was installed The bedroom has dimmable bedside lamps for reading and a central chandelier to illuminate the whole space. Recessed lights in the ceiling provide soft ambient
light during the day. In the Coffee corner area, table and hanging lamps were placed for flexibility.

Overall, the design aimed at simplicity and focus on the client’s comfort through space planning, material selection and lighting. The result is a warm, inviting and comfortable space that the client can truly call their own home. The client has loved how the space turned out and feels right at home the moment they walk in. we’re glad we were able to achieve the goal of maximum comfort through a thoughtful, user-centered design approach.

Starburst consists of your parts.

Master bedroom design

Mood board that shows materials selection and some of the projects elements.

Master bedroom design
Master bedroom design
Master bedroom design
Master bedroom design
The main shot of the space that shows the combination of the bedroom and bathroom. 
Master bedroom design

The stone wall behind the bed is the true focal point of this masterful design. The effect created by the hidden lights embedded within the wall’s crevices is nothing short of spectacular.

At first glance, it appears as an ordinary natural stone wall, textured and aged. But when the lights are switched on at night, it transforms into an awe-inspiring galaxy come to life.

The tiny lights, which are carefully placed to resemble stars randomly scattered across space, begin to twinkle just like the real stars in the night sky.

They come in varying intensities, with some shining brightly and others barely perceptible.

Together they create the illusion of the milky way arching above the bed, transporting the mind into a realm beyond our world.

The uneven contours of the wall serve to heighten this effect, providing nooks and crannies for the ‘stars’ to nestle into, just as they would nestle into the vast emptiness of space.

Lying in the bed, one’s gaze is drawn upwards, following the curve of this stellar panorama as it stretches out of sight. The faint glow emanating from the ‘stars’ paints the surrounding walls in a soft, otherworldly light, further enhancing the illusion.

For a moment, you can almost convince yourself that you are floating somewhere in the vastness of the cosmos, with nothing but the infinity of space in all directions. It is a masterstroke of design ingenuity that truly transforms an ordinary room into a gateway into the imagination.

Master bedroom design
Master bedroom design
Master bedroom design

Day or night, the good design always has it’s charm.

Where luxury meets simplicity.
Warm space to have a cup of coffee and rest a moment with yourself.
Master bedroom design
It’s not new that architecture can profoundly affect a place, sometimes transform it. Architecture and any art can transform a person, even save someone.
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