We offer comprehensive services for interior decoration with unparalleled skill and unmatched innovation. From crafting exquisite home furniture to stunning interior designs that embrace the latest global trends, we make our clients’ visions come to life in an irresistible manner.

At Edge, we blend craftsmanship and creativity to create unique interior design experiences. Our goal is continuous evolution, achieving the highest levels of satisfaction for our clients. Join us on an unforgettable journey to discover luxury and innovation in the world of interior design. Welcome to Edge, where the transformation of spaces into artistic expressions of your unique style begins.

Edge, specializing in innovative home furniture design and interior decoration, was launched successfully by Ral Plus for Engineering and Architecture. Guided by a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and visions, we strive diligently to exceed their expectations and deliver services that surpass the ordinary.


Design process

Master bedroom design

Innovative, exclusive, distinctive and practical designs that keep pace with the global market, environmentally friendly, serving needs in the first place.

Through the aspirations and needs of the customer and through our vision, we create a comfortable, practical and beautiful environment to reach the best results.

And because quality is always the most important, we encourage at Edge to be in the first place and at the lowest possible costs in design and implementation.


The Edge team is a unique team that combines long experience in the field with the latest international expertise. The team includes a variety of experiences from Egypt and Germany, seeking to develop, master quality, and provide the best services in the Middle East.

Hussien Mansour

Founder \ CEO

Ahmad Ebrahim

Founder \ Technical Leader

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