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Interior design








Mr/ Ghalab

Project location

Saudi Arabia

The designer’s primary goal was to create a lavish living space that would make the client and his guests feel pampered. Rich materials and exquisite furnishings work together to achieve this esthetic. 
Walking through the front door, you’re greeted by a marble floor that extends throughout the main living area. The marble was selected to evoke a sense of luxury and opulence usually reserved for palaces. Against one wall sits a plush amaranth sofa and matching armchairs, their light grey hue complementing the cool tones of the floor.
In the adjoining dining room, a long wooden table sprinkled with gold and in the top there is an elegant piece of glass. Surrounding the table are high-back chairs upholstered in a soft grey fabric to match the glass chandelier overhead. The coordinated furnishings create an elegant yet comfortable environment for hosting dinner parties and family gatherings. 
Throughout the living spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows allow an abundance of natural light to pour in while providing panoramic views of the manicured gardens outside. The designer’s selection of materials and furnishings, aim to elevate the client’s home into a place of understated luxury and refined taste, providing the ultimate backdrop for relaxing and entertaining. The end result is a stately yet inviting residence that fulfills the designer’s goal of creating a space for the client that pampers both him and his guests.
Mood board shows the combination of the materials with some pieces of furniture.
Reception Area
Dining Area
Kitchen Area
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